LOVERBOY (a feature indie thriller)

Lauren's next relationship could be her last. Sexy, provocative, and thrilling. LOVERBOY is an independent feature film you don't want to miss!

Special Thanks

Christine & Andrew Kucher

Mitch Obrecht

Lisa Vassalluzzo Lampe Coxe

Bobbie H. Berube

William Cansler

Adriel Kasoff Resh

Jessica Harmon

Mac Bailey

Becky Sinn

Ryan C. James

Marilyn Harris  

Elizabeth Hunter

Chelsea Hoffman

Harry Watson & MaryLou Baker  

Sylvia Baker

Adam Reida

Donna Stevens

Xann Roberts Hunter

Gina Martin

Yves LaFrance

Jess Jablonowsky & Deb W. 

Cara Schase

American Mobile Research

Footage Firm

Video Blocks

Elisha Trice

John Salamone

Cris Williams