LOVERBOY (a feature indie thriller)

Lauren's next relationship could be her last. Sexy, provocative, and thrilling. LOVERBOY is an independent feature film you don't want to miss!

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Keeka Productions Triple Feature Pack (NTSC)


Your Triple Feature pack includes THREE feature films by Keeka Productions:

-Rag Doll (Feature Film, DRAMA, 2011, NTSC) - A tragic tale of a young boy, Daniel, whose innocence is stolen. Adam, the new live-in groundskeeper, will stop at nothing to rescue the boy from his violent and deviant abusers.

-LOVERBOY (Feature Film, THRILLER, 2012, Winner Best Florida Feature at Freak Show Film Festival, NTSC) - When Lauren Reynolds, a beautiful girl with a painful home life, breaks it off with her drug-addict ex, Matt, she is ready to give up on dating all together. Things change when Lauren meetsher match, Brandon Phillips. Lauren doesn't know that she is about to learn the hard way that Brandon's charm has a limit and that this new Loverboy has a much darker, sinister side...

-Mister White (Feature Film, HORROR, 2013, NTSC) - When a group of popular college students choose bizarre Tyler Rooney as the new target for their juvenile pranks, Tyler seeks out a mambo (voodoo priestess) and performs an ancient hoodoo ritual to unleash bloodthirsty "Mister White" to exact a brutal revenge and punish them all for their sins.

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